Zucchini Blossoms

Our favorite recipe

We post many pictures of our zucchini blossoms on Facebook, etc. Along with all the positive feedback we get about them, many people ask us to post a recipe on how to prepare them.

The recipe we use at home and has been handed down to us is a simple but very tasty one. It works well with both just the blossom (male flower) or the blossoms with courgette attached (female flower).

The recipe is as follows:

Fresh picked blossoms, eggs, bread crumbs, seasoning, olive oil.

Remove the stamen in the flower if you desire or you can just leave it. Soak the blossoms in a prepared egg wash. We like to add a little cream to the egg wash. Then coat the blossoms with bread crumbs. We season the bread crumbs with a little basil, parsley and oregano salt and pepper. Sometimes we add a little grated parmesan cheese to the crumbs. Heat a pan with about a cup of olive oil and fry on both sides until golden brown.

That’s all there is to it. Once you have tried them this way you can experiment with variations such as using Panko instead of breadcrumbs. Or stuffing them with fresh mozzarella.

The variations are endless. One restaurant we supply them with stuffs the blossoms with  gorganzola cheese and figs.

So there you have it. Now all you have to do is get some from Bracco Farms and your ready to go!



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